Ben Maier

I miss the place
I have never seen

by Ben Maier

Fernweh in contemporary society

Fernweh. Having Fernweh. The longing towards the unknown. A metaphorical travel. It is a feeling one can catch, melancholic daydreaming about the unknown. A romantic contradiction. How can one long for something unknown? How does imagination shape the unknown? Absent-minded in paradisiacal colors? An enjoyable and mysterious contraction which does not require a logical solution. 
For myself Fernweh means the longing for alternative ways of designing life. Fascinated by little groups of people who create their own reality and therefore an alternative society.

Rainbow Gatherings have been my hideaway, a safe haven for like minded people. Living a nomadic lifestyle in and with the purest forms of nature accessible, according to the sun and the moon. But this fairyland doesn`t last forever, like others I return back to Babylon while daydreaming about the tall trees and warm fire. Being on this metaphorical travel contains absence, with images of like minded people I`m portraying the longing in this different state of mind. Daydreaming while missing the unknown.

Fernweh stands for everything else but contemporary society – a life without control, but with agency, self sustainable without restrictions against the artificially created norm.

Immersed in contemporary society it becomes difficult to break the norms. The limitlessness is defined by the borders of capitalism. Fernweh is a search for the difference because parts are missing, lost along the long road of struggles.

Distrustful towards state and control mechanisms, alternative thinkers identify nature as a hideaway, connecting to the roots and living with the sun – a romantic fantasy.

What are the different forms of living life, not being a victim of consumerism.

Photography and writing by Ben Maier
Instagram: @_ben_ma.