Daan Kamerman

Betwixt and Between

by Daan Kamerman

When being liminal, you could find yourself in a phase or place in which you know something is about to change, but you are not sure how yet.
Liminality is an anthropological term that is related to the latin word limen which means boundary or threshold and is used to indicate a sense of ambiguity, disorientation, transition and doubt. Liminality can be a moment in which you know you have to choose for one thing or the other, defined by one state or status or another. But it can also be like standing in the middle of a wide plain. Feeling small and overwhelmed with options and choices.

I am interested in the feelings that evolve when being liminal. Feelings of hope, loneliness, expansiveness, fear, unrest, uncertainty, awkwardness, the unknown etc. It interests me because I myself am someone with a strong aversion for chaos and having no control. I recognizes these feelings in others as well.
I see how people in modern society are loosing the ability to cope with uncertainty, and therefor try to evade these liminal stages in their lives. I think these moments are crucial for growth and believe that they can actually be very fruitful when experienced more mindfully. Essential in this is having the courage to stay in this state and taste it for a while.

I have been trying to approach this liminal state for several weeks. I have tried to dance with it, to go with its flow but fight it from time to time as well. 
I learned that it was hard for me to define my research. I’ve been trying to narrow it down, but I discovered that I wanted to expand and enlarge my research everywhere possible. It never felt ‘right’ to just focus on one form of liminality, to continue researching that one specific topic.

Instead my fascination for thees dwelling places grew only bigger and bigger. For once I started to enjoy the moments in life in which anything can happen and nothing is certain. If you get the right perspective, liminality can be a whole new in-between-world filled with opportunities.