Emma Grima

Unspoken Truths

by Emma Grima

Three Maltese women open up about their individual abortion stories, shedding light on the choice process and emotional thoughts they have gone through. Having to stay anonymous, three dancers were selected to represent their stories. Together we joined forces to carefully choreograph each individual story. The female dancers were able to Chanel these emotions as they have gone through this process themselves and understand the weight of it.

Unspoken Truths

An ode to all Maltese women suffering in silence

Dear Malta,

Dealing with an unwanted pregnancy is an emotional journey. It is a widely unspoken topic and yet relatable to many womxn all over the world. The overall stigma has silenced many into burying their thoughts and emotions, especially the more vulnerable and less privileged who are in dire need of your support and understanding.
Moreover, us womxn are being forced to lie and bury our emotions due to the complete blanket ban you have constituted on abortion (Chapter 9 Criminal Code of Malta). How can we begin to heal when we are forced into lying and when we are burdened with guilt and fear instilled by our country? Without official statistics there is no way of knowing how many womxn are experiencing this trauma. My contribution is there to highlight the plight and pay tribute to these suffering unknowns.