Hannah Jacobs


by Hannah Jacobs

The past years I have come to loathe the winter. I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, something better known as winter depression. As light grows rarer, my mood grows darker. This year I started an experiment. I would go outside every single morning taking in as much of the blue morning light as possible. Exposure to the natural light from sunrise until 11:30 is supposed to help against the symptoms of S.A.D. 
During my walks outside I started to focus on the beautiful things the autumn and winter provided in order to change my feelings towards these dark seasons. The things I noticed became my anchors to hold on to when my mind would shift with the darkness. Knowing that after a few grey and rainy days I’d be able to experience a beautiful sunrise again, hearing the sound of frozen grass under my feet, noticing the changes in nature, it all helped me to appreciate the autumn and winter. Let this be an invitation to slow down and take in the meditative beauty a winter morning has to offer, both in my work as during your own winter morning walks. 

Tuesday, November 10th, 8:38

I feel like wallowing and the weather is with me. A few small red fruits still hang from a withered blackberry bush, they never got the chance to fully develop. The heads of the last brave sunflowers are hanging down and the tree branches are becoming bare. I wish I was a flock of birds and could flee southwards. 

Saturday, December 6th, 8:43  

Frozen toes, the grass creaks under my feet as I take a new step. The world is frozen and I am also standing still as I am taking in the beauty of my surroundings covered in a layer of ice. Even on the sheep’s thick layer of wool, the crystals are glistening.