Jermain Čikić

растућа нада
Growing Hope

by Jermain Čikić

Twenty-five years after the Dayton Peace Agreement was signed in 1995 there is no direct danger of war in Bosnia, but to say the situation is better than before would be way too optimistic and idealistic. The future for Bosnian society is still very insecure and marked by uncertainties without a lot of opportunities. 

As a kid of a Serbian father who grew up in Bosnia and Herzegovina I feel a desire to explore this country in a different way then I can read on the internet. Stereotype war stories about Bosnia are headlining the internet pages. Within my desire I’m question myself what would happen if my father never came to the Netherlands and I had to grew up there. 
To not be misunderstood I want to make clear that the war still left his marks on the country and it is something that is important to still speak about. On the other hand, the country needs to get a positiver image since it has a lot to offer. 
Growing Hope is a visual research into the image culture of a country devastated by war where the time is currently standing still. I try to break through the stereotype images and the clichés related to the war and to bring a more positive image to the country and to create awareness around the materialistic life we are living in in the West of Europe. 
The photographs were made in Grbavci and it’s surroundings in Bosnia and Herzegovina between 2019 and 2020. 

All images from the series Growing Hope © Jermain Cikic, courtesy of the artist