Katia Motylova

Society of the Role

by Katia Motylova

Using stereotypes as a metaphor, I want to tell you about the functioning of Ukrainian society, as I see it. My attitude is critical, I exaggerate, but to confirm my observations I turn to real events and evidence from art history. Explore stereotypes and then translate them into a contemporary image that comes from my feelings and experiences of relationships between a woman and a man. 
Chapter One: unknown woman carries heavy bottles of water, she is wearing underwear, she works hard to be attractive at the same time. The old rustic tradition of women to wear water still exists. It tells me how a woman is treated in modern society. 
Chapter two: when you lose your youth, you lose yourself! Society in which you are an object or a servant no longer needs you once you are old. Indulge in nostalgia, crying for lost beauty, grieve. This stage is for the long haul, to the very end and every woman knows she must take time to prepare while she is fresh. 
Chapter three: the social norm dictates what men should be dominant, tough, unemotional. The tradition of the Eastern European model of the masculine man is still hardpressed. If you don’t achieve leadership roles in society you compensate with aggression. It’s a brutal game of conformity that you begin from birth.