Lina Selg


by Lina Selg

Abjection, as defined by Kristeva, is a bodily reaction of horror when faced with one’s own materiality and therefore, mortality. Everything about the female body is a reminder of that materiality: the menstrual flow, the embodiment of maternity and ultimately giving birth. Because birth will undeniably lead to death. Maternity means mortality. “Damn those females who wreck infinities” – us who wreck the infinite in-existence by bringing someone into an existence which will undeniably end one day.
Growing up, I always struggled with my body. Most of the girls and women I know are at war with their bodies. Idealized representation inevitably collides with our personal imperfect reality.
In our patriarchal society, our bodies mean sex. They are supposed to be a certain way – look a certain way; and educated by this century, we desperately struggle to obey.
“To those who wreck the infinite” is an ode to the female imperfect body and to the heaviness of womanhood. A wish and longing to be who we are.