Nelli Serżanowa

a green grove, a clear brook

by Nelli Serżanowa

The specificity of Eastern European femininity has been built in a special way for centuries. This is not good or bad, but if we study mythology, ancient and modern history, we can follow the pattern that defines Eastern European femininity as we know it now. My project started with a sentence that I put in the beginning. As a Ukrainian, I decided to explore my own identity and how it fits into the broader female discourse in the region where I come from.  Turning my attention inside out, I am looking for true answers and connections to my roots, rethinking what it means to be a woman of my origin.

Visual language, above all, offers subtle symbols that will guide the viewer through the narrative. There is no obvious theme, but the emphasis is on the connection between the female image – nature and craft. Closer interaction with folk symbolism has helped me to understand myself and where I come from. I would love to present this knowledge, filtered through my biased opinion and experience in this project.

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